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Noam Chomsky

Noted by many to be the most intelligent man in the world. A linguist, philosopher and prolific writer. He shares his research about the true nature of the New World Order and their plans for world domination. His insight has shown the world how we are manipulated by the state and corporations for the sole purpose of profit and control. How a few elite family dynasties control the banking, food supply and energy resources and have forced us into slavery.

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Connie Fogal

Connie Fogal of the Canadian Action Party explains the behind closed doors plans to surrender Canadian Sovereignty to join the North American Union. Plans made without the consent of the people and hidden from the people.

That's treason isn't it?

Facebook allows graphic pro-rape content despite banning moms’ photos of children with anti-GMO signs

Sad-Depressed-Woman-Rape(NaturalNews) Social media giant Facebook is the target of a new human rights campaign trying to rid the site of highly-offensive, gender-based hate speech, according to new reports. The Everyday Sexism Project (ESP), Women, Action & the Media (WAM!), and several other activist groups have officially launched “#FBRape,” a hash tag-based grassroots initiative calling on Facebook to remove pages, photos, groups, and other site content that advocates rape and other forms of heinous violence against women.

Sample images collected and presented to the public by both ESP and WAM! as evidence of the problem are too graphic and offensive to show here, but suffice it to say that such content makes extreme light of abusing, raping, and even killing women. And while both groups say that they have repeatedly tagged such content as offensive, as well as reported it directly to Facebook, the social media site has thus far refused to remove any of it, citing a lack of precedent in its official terms and conditions for use.

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Facebook allows graphic pro-rape content despite banning moms’ photos of children with anti-GMO signs


CIA’s ‘Facebook’ Program Dramatically Cut Agency’s Costs

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